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Holidays: Drink or drive you will always have to choose!

  After a sluggish 2020, many of us will be celebrating the end of this year. If the holidays will be well watered one imagines, beware of excesses. A quick reminder of the rules on limitations and sanctions. What the Highway Traffic Act says about the blood alcohol limit: When a person is young (probationary licence), the rate of drinking and driving is limited to 0.2g/litre of blood or 0.10 milligrams per litre of exhaled air. This is tantamount to not consuming alcohol because this limit is barely exceeded a drink. For an experienced person, this limit rises to 0.5g/litre of blood or 0.25 milligrams per litre of exhaled air. This is like not exceeding a glass of wine (10 cl) to 12 degrees or half a beer at 5 degrees! What the Highway Traffic Act says about sanctions: As soon as you exceed the blood alcohol levels mentioned above, you incur penalties established by the Highway Traffic Act. They are divided by penalties with a rate of less than 0.8g/litre and above 0.8g/litre. Sanctio
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Top 3 Tips for Having the Courtesy Point

A quick reminder of the meaning of courtesy, Courtesy in the Larousse dictionary refers to an attitude of refined politeness, elegance, generosity and civility. In the world of the permit, it reveals citizenship and a form of kindness! It provides this deemed bonus point for the named exam: Courtesy Point behind the wheel. But how do you get it? As a result, we've put together a little top 3 ways to get it: Let a car pass in some situations! Indeed, at some intersections you may have priority but you may not be able to commit because of a vehicle that is obstructing the passage, for example. It is therefore best to be courteous in letting the non-priority vehicle pass before you. Let a pedestrian cross. Indeed, when a foot for the intention of committing, it is imperative to slow down and stop despite the possibility that he may not wish to cross. No matter what the situation, whether a pedestrian wants to cross red or not, he remains a priority. Let courtesy come to you naturall

Did my Highway Code expire during the lockdown?

The various confinements resulted in several cancellations of driver's licence examinations for an average of 5 months. Many people have lost those days to pass or retake their driver's license. As a result, the Minister of the Interior first decreed an extension of the road codes until 31 December 2020. However, with the second containment in November, this validity has been extended to January 31, 2021 included. Who's involved? All persons who obtained their Highway Traffic Act between March 12, 2015 and January 31, 2016 included. This is good news that should appease a number of candidates and allow them to complete their training with more serenity. For people who have seen their code out of date, it is possible to replay it quickly with Code Express.

We're talking about Cyclo Little Care

  The bike is for me a beautiful endearing object. It gives me a sense of pleasure and well-being. Who has never felt through cycling the feeling of freedom, discovery, encounter, mastery, surpassing oneself? Who has never felt this desire to "go and ride"? And even if for some the bike remains utilitarian, I am convinced that it is a great companion. Very economical, cycling turns out to be even the fastest means of transport over small distances in our congested cities and the parking problem is forgotten. Cycling is good for our environment and our health. I think it is a simple solution to improve our daily lives. Finally, weren't our grandparents and great-grandparents, who used their bikes as their main vehicles, a little right? I created Cyclo P'tits Care in 2013 because I wanted to put my skills at the service of people who share with me this spirit and passion of cycling. As you will have understood, the aim is to offer you a mechanical service, advice and a

Reasons to choose a swimming pool with swimming lane

What's the point of a swimming lane pool? It allows you to maintain yoursers physically for leisure or to train for the purpose of performance. In general, a personal hull pool with swimming lane offers the same functions as you can find at the municipal pool of your town or the neighbouring commune, with the comfort of the tranquility of being at home and not being disturbed or pushed by someone in addition. The different swimming lane pool models Regardless of their style and their builder, swimming pools have one thing in common: they all come in the form of a rectangle, with a length much larger than the width. Three main models with a flat bottom are available on MondePra pools. Lane 10 has a length of 9.70 metres, while lane 12 has an extra 2 metres.  Finally, lane 14 is 400 centimetres longer than the smaller model presented. Note that the width and depth of these three products are identical and measured respectively at 2.10 meters and 1.50 meters. Once you've chosen th